Auftakt von Beyoncés Welttournee in Stockholm: "Es war der Hammer"

STOCKHOLM, SCHWEDEN 10. MAI 2023 QUELLE: AFPTV 1. Schwenk von links nach rechts audience claps at the end of the show 2. Totale audience leaving from the show 3. O-TON 1 - Abdul Ibraimoh, Fan aus Großbritannien (Mann, 33 Jahre alt, Englisch, 17 Sek.): "It is another level for Beyonce I’ve seen her since the first concert, which was Beyonce Experience. Even Coachella. This was another level. Amazing, I can’t wait for the rest of the tour. I’m going to London, Barcelona and to Miami. So it’s just gonna get better every time." 4. Zwischenschnitt: Schwenk von links nach rechts fan wearing a Beyonce concert 5. O-TON 2 - Vetle Bondal, Fan aus Norwegen (Mann, 22 Jahre alt, Englisch, 18 Sek.): "Her presence overall is just graceful and she really included the LGBTIQ+ community. And there was a section there that was really dedicated to the ballroom culture and it was like “Okay, she sees us”. So big love." 6. O-TON 3 - Shane Barkey, Fan aus Irland (Mann, 31 Jahre alt, Englisch, 12 Sek.): "She has done no promotion for this album. So there was a lot of anticipation for what she was going to do. And yes I’m speachless, it was just incredible, amazing." 7. Totale audience leaving from the show