DLT Resolution Inc. to Acquire to AbleDocs

OAKVILLE, ON / ACCESSWIRE / August 28, 2023 / DLT Resolutions Inc. (OTC:DLTI), a forward-thinking Software As A Service (SAAS), information technology, and communication company, has announced its intention to acquire AbleDocs, a global leader in providing digital accessibility products and services.

The acquisition, which is currently progressing under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), aligns with DLT Resolution Inc.'s long-term growth strategy and commitment to enhancing its portfolio by expanding its reach in key markets.

"At AbleDocs, we have always been committed to growth and innovation in the delivery of digital accessibility solutions," said Adam Spencer, the President and CEO of AbleDocs. "This acquisition allows AbleDocs to continue with its research and development cutting-edge that will position the company at the forefront of the industry, allowing us to set new benchmarks in digital accessibility."

"In this pivotal moment, we are poised to take a significant stride forward in enhancing our offerings through a potential acquisition," said Drew Reid, Executive Chairman of DLT Resolution Inc. "While the deal remains under the MOU stage, our drive is fueled by a shared vision of innovation, excellence, and the creation of value for our esteemed customers and stakeholders."

Key highlights

Looking Forward

Both companies are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are committed to a seamless transition that upholds the values, quality, and integrity that their customers and stakeholders have come to expect.

About AbleDocs

AbleDocs offers digital accessibility products and services that help to ensure high-volume document accessibility compliance, testing, training, and web compliance. AbleDocs is the only company to ensure the compliance of every file they produce with a guaranteed $10,000,000 liability coverage. Offerings include ADService, ADScan, ADStream, ADLegacy, ADTraining, ADAudit and the Grackle Suite.

For more information, visit abledocs.com.

About DLT Resolution Inc.

DLT Resolution Inc. currently operates in three high-tech industry segments: Blockchain Applications & Cyber Security; Software As A Service (SAAS) including Electronic Remote Voting, Telecommunications; and Data Services which includes Image Capture, Data Collection, Data Phone Center Services, and Payment Processing. Its clients represent some of the top businesses from a variety of sectors. DLT Resolution helps organizations that have invoices, ledgers, statements, applications, surveys, employee and customer rewards programs and a wide range of other non-core functions benefit from data management. DLT Resolution also operates a Health Information Exchange providing the ability to request and retrieve medical information & records while meeting all of today's Security & Compliance demands for HIPAA, PIPEDA and PHIPA. Through RecordsBank, the Company offers an easy-to-use online gateway to its centralized system for patients, lawyers and insurers to retrieve and access medical records.

Learn more at: www.dltresolution.com.

Media Contact

Matisse Hamel-Nelis
Vice President, Communications
Email: mhamelnelis@abledocs.com
Phone: 905-431-0237

SOURCE: AbleDocs

  • Multiple Add-on Acquisitions: Collaboratively, DLT Resolution Inc. and the AbleDocs working towards finalizing multiple acquisitions within their first year, with a collective mission to accelerate growth and expand their market footprint.

  • Reinventing Solutions: Both are well-positioned to unveil a suite of revitalized and innovative digital accessibility products. These cutting-edge solutions are poised to redefine industry benchmarks and effectively address the evolving dynamics of the market.

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