Wie drei Ukrainer den Krieg erleben

NUR FÜR AFP-ABONNENTEN (NO RESALE) ODESSA, UKRAINE 9. FEBRUAR 2023 QUELLE: AFPTV 1. Halbnahe Kateryna Musienko leaving her apartment 2. Halbnahe Kateryna Musienko looking at the window and drinking coffee 3. Halbnahe Kateryna Musienko on her phone 4. Nah books in Ukrainian 5. Halbnahe Kateryna Musienko leaving her bedroom 6. O-TON 1 - Kateryna Mussjenko, lebt in Odessa (Frau, 24 Jahre alt, Ukrainisch, 24 Sek.): "Because they killed my family member, my views changed radically in just one day. I no longer wanted to hear excuses, I didn’t care. As much as I was an aggressive Russian speaker, I became an aggressive Ukrainian speaker, without compromise, and irrevocably." 7. Zwischenschnitt: Halbnahe Kateryna Musienko goes out on the street 8. Zwischenschnitt: Halbnahe Kateryna Musienko walking on the street 9. Schärfeziehen from Ukrainian flags to Kateryna Musienko 10. Halbnahe Kateryna Musienko together with members of her NGO 11. Nah Kateryna Musienko KIEW, UKRAINE 6. FEBRUAR 2023 QUELLE: AFPTV 12. Verfolgungsfahrt Andriy Yeryomenko boards the train 13. Verfolgungsfahrt Andriy Yeryomenko walking down the train corridor 14. Totale trains 15. O-TON 2 - Andrij Jerjomenko, Zugführer (Mann, 53 Jahre alt, Ukrainisch, 20 Sek.): "We would turn off the lights completely, close the curtains, turn off the tail signals. Although it is prohibited in principle for safety reasons, but what kind of safety is it when enemy planes are flying over us. We were a moving target, a train that goes and shines like a Christmas tree. This is an easy target." 16. Zwischenschnitt: Halbnahe trains 17. Zwischenschnitt: Halbnahe smoking coming out of train 18. Nah Andriy Yeryomenko´s uniform 19. Halbnahe Andriy Yeryomenko during interview with AFP BACHMUT, OBLAST DONEZK, UKRAINE 9. FEBRUAR 2023 QUELLE: AFPTV 20. Nah Sergiy Osachuk OBLAST CZERNOWITZ, UKRAINE 21. JANUAR 2022 QUELLE: SERGIY OSACHUK 21. Totale Sergiy Osachuk, then governor of Chernivtsi Oblast, giving an address in a video published by his office BACHMUT, OBLAST DONEZK, UKRAINE 9. FEBRUAR 2023 QUELLE: AFPTV 22. Verfolgungsfahrt Sergiy Osachuk positioning himself near a window, with view of Bakhmut 23. O-TON 3 - Serhij Ossatschuj, kämpft gegen die russische Armee (Mann, 50 Jahre alt, Ukrainisch, 21 Sek.): "During the first hours of the war, we were not sure that we could hold off the massive attack. But after a week of our heroic resistance, I understood that this war will last longer than a year. I had no illusions that it would end in only several months." 24. Zwischenschnitt: Halbnahe residential building, sound of shelling in distance 25. Zwischenschnitt: Halbnahe Sergiy Osachuk climbing stairs of a building 26. Schärfeziehen from Ukrainian flag to Sergiy Osachuk 27. Halbnahe Sergiy Osachuk talking with other officers in the command centre 28. Nah Sergiy Osachuk talking with other officers in the command centre