"Es muss schneller gehen": USA werben auf Ozean-Konferenz für mehr Klimaschutz

PANAMA-STADT, PANAMA 3. MÄRZ 2023 QUELLE: AFPTV 1. O-TON 1 - John Kerry, White House climate envoy (Mann, English, 33 Sek.): "We just have to move it faster, because we have to get the reductions that the scientists tell us we need to get. This is not driven by ideology or by politics or by any political party. We are following the science which is mathematics and physics which tells us this gas goes up, it has a bad effect. You have to deal with that effect and if you don't deal with that effect, you're going to spend billions and trillions of dollars cleaning up the mess." 2. O-TON 2 - John Kerry, White House climate envoy (Mann, English, 12 Sek.): "So this is a matter of human beings being as smart as we can be. Moving to this future, which is not scary. It's a better future. The cleaner air, cleaner water, less you know less dependency on another country, you can make your own energy."