Tote bei schweren Überschwemmungen in Malaysia

YONG PENG, MALAYSIA 4. MÄRZ 2023 QUELLE: AFPTV 1. Luftaufnahme flooded houses 2. Luftaufnahme flooded houses 3. Verfolgungsfahrt people pushing a washing machine loaded onto a floating tube through floodwaters 4. O-TON 1 - Safiee Hassan, Flood victim (Mann, 38 Jahre alt, Standard Malay, 10 Sek.): "(We managed to save) our belongings, like our refrigerator, sofa, electrical items. Other things like our bed, mattress, cupboard, are damaged (by the floods)." 5. Totale partially flooded vehicle in the street 6. Halbnahe woman carrying a mobility walker 7. people walking 8. Halbnahe family under a roof 9. Verfolgungsfahrt woman carrying a rice cooker