Biden: Israel muss "unverzüglich" Hilfe für Gaza durchlassen

NUR FÜR AFP-ABONNENTEN (NO RESALE) WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, USA 24. APRIL 2024 QUELLE: DC POOL EINSCHRÄNKUNGEN: NUR REDAKTIONELLE VERWENDUNG 1. 00:00-00:31 O-TON 1 - Joe Biden, US President (Mann, English, 31 Sek.): "This bill includes $1 billion from additional humanitarian aid in Gaza. We're going to immediately secure that aid and surge it — surge it, including food, medical supplies, clean water. And Israel must make sure all this aid reaches the Palestinians in Gaza without delay. And everything we do is guided by the ultimate goal of bringing these hostages home, securing a ceasefire, and setting the conditions for an enduring peace."